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Antique LXIV Stone Fireplace

£ 2,800 plus VAT


Monumental Antique Renaissance Stone Fireplace



Antique French Stone Louis XIV Fireplace

£ 4,800 plus VAT

Quantity in stock: 1

Antique French Stone Fireplace



Exceptional Antique Renaissance Stone Fireplace



Antique French Stone Louis XVI Fireplace

£ 3,200 plus VAT


Pair Of Rustic Antique French Limestone Troughs

£ 1,400 per pair


Antique French Stone Fireplace

£ 2,800 plus VAT


Magnificent Pair Of Antique French Wrought Iron Entrance Gates



Pair Of Large Early 18th Century Antique French Exterior Doors

£500 plus vat


Pair Of Small Antique Stone And Cast Iron Finials

£275 plus vat


Two Carved Antique Yorkstone Panels

£1000 plus vat for both


Three Large Antique Carved Portland Stone Panels



Large Antique English Yorkstone Gothic Revival Fireplace

£ 3,000 plus VAT


Exceptional 17th Century French Antique Stone Fireplace



Pair Of 18th Century French Wooden Doors

£450 plus vat


Antique French Stone LXIV Fireplace

£ 2,200 plus VAT


Antique English Early 19th Century Cotswold Stone Fireplace

£ 2,400 plus VAT


Antique English Stone Fireplace

£800 plus vat


Two Antique Bathstone Masks - Good Fountain Potential

£560 plus vat each


Pair Of Antique French Gates

£1400 plus vat


Antique Bathstone Gate Posts

£1300 plus vat


Example Of A Completed Project - Antique French Fireplaces



Very Early English Stone Font



Old Terracotta Olive Oil Urn



Pair Of Large Antique Carved Bathstone Capitols



Antique English Carved Limestone Heraldic Panel



Antique Cast Iron Mask Of Poseidon

£550 plus vat


Large Pair Of 19th Century Iron Gates

£900 plus vat


Antique French Stone Fireplace

£3800 plus vat


Example Of Completed Project



Antique Architectural Elements



Example Of Fully Restored Chimneypiece



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